Ivy Envy - Chicago Cubs Fan Podcast (UNOFFICIAL)

The 2015 MLB season is here and we’re making our predictions on the 2015 Chicago Cubs.

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This week starts up our 2nd weekly episode. It will be recorded on Wednesday evenings and available for your commute on Thursday mornings. The Daily Northside Recap also kicks off this week. You can subscribe in iTunes or Stitcher or listen at http://dailynorthsiderecap.com.

We had several listeners send us the topics they would like to predict. We’d love to hear your predictions. Leave a comment with the number of games the Cubs will win in 2015, or leave your predictions for every category. Here they are:

1. Date for Kris Bryant call-up.
2. Kris Bryant HR. Over/under – 27
3. Bryant HR off the new jumbotron. Over/under – 5.5
4. MLB games in 2015 played by Javier Baez – 130
5. How many runners Baez will strand on base this season.
6. Addison Russell’s call-up. Before or after September 1.
7. First player to hit a HR off the new scoreboard in LF.
8. Number of Cubs HRs to hit the new jumbotron.
9. Number of Cubs All-Stars. Over/under is 2.
10. Number of Cubs closers. Over/under is 4.
11. Cubs extra-innings wins. Over/under is 3.
12. Number of pitchers used in 2015. Over/under is 24.
13. Hector Rondon saves. Over/under is 30.
14. Total Ivy Envy iTunes reviews.
15. How many no-hitters Arrieta takes into the 7th or later. Over/under is 4.
16. Positions played by Alcantara. Over/under is 4.5
17. Number of times Maddon uses a pitcher as a pinch hitter. Over/under is 19.5.
18. Number of players to hit 25 man roster this year. Over/under 39.5.
19. Number of Edwin Jackson starts.
20. Which number will be higher: David Ross HRs or Edwin Jackson starts.
21. Starlin Castro batting average. Over/under is .290
22. Number of Anthony Rizzo HRs. Over/under is 30.
23. Who leads the 2015 Chicago Cubs in HRs?
24. Miguel Montero WAR for 2015. Over/under is 3.5.
25. Number of times Jon Lester throws to first base.
26. Number of ejections for Joe Maddon. Over/under is 2.5
27. Dugout hot feet. Over/Under is 18.5.
28. Number of bandwagon jumpers.
29. Total regular season Cubs wins in 2015.

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