Ivy Envy - Chicago Cubs Fan Podcast (UNOFFICIAL)

Thanks for downloading the 462nd episode of The Ivy Envy Podcast.  This is the first episode of our 9th season of the podcast.  It's been quite an off-season for us and all Cubs fans.  Our podcast is back and we're ready to start talking about the 2017 Cubs. 

For all Cubs fans, off-seasons have been the time to put the pain of the previous season behind us and look forward to the upcoming season with optimism.  This off-season, we've been able to bask in World Series victory.  It's typically about looking to see where the holes and weaknesses are in the team and seeing how the front office decides to address those areas.  Things are different this season as the 2017 Cubs look very similar to the 2016 Cubs.  

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • Corey talks about the off-season moves that were made after the 2008 season. These are the moves we were talking about in our very first episode. 
  • Kurt talks about the addition of Wade Davis to the back-end of the bullpen.
  • Jorge Soler was traded to the Royals for Davis, so we talk about the trade and our favorite Soler memories.
  • Andy runs through the moves the Cubs made in the off-season to further strengthen the bullpen. 
  • We look at some of the Spring Training invitees and share some important Spring Training dates.
  • Kurt shares some Kris Bryant related Scary Stats.
  • Internet Muscle Flexes


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