Ivy Envy - Chicago Cubs Fan Podcast (UNOFFICIAL)

On this, the 286th episode of The Ivy Envy Podcast, we spend a good amount of time talking about the changes in the television broadcast of Cubs games that will start with the 2015 season. A lot of Cubs fans have some confusion about these changes. We attempt to explain why these changes are happening and simply, how will we watch the Cubs next year.

There are quite a few players from the Cubs system that are playing in the winter leagues. Andy runs through some of the more notable names and then we discuss the purpose of their involvement in the leagues and what we'd like to see as far as development goes from these players.

We talk about the changes in the Wrigley renovations. One of the seven signs has been removed from the plans and there have been adjustments to other signs. The reason for these changes is to preserve federal tax credits through a National Register of Historic Places designation through the National Park Services.

We answer several listener questions and read some internet muscle flexes.

Thanks to Danny Rockett for letting us play "Lesterday" at the end of the episode.

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