Ivy Envy - Chicago Cubs Fan Podcast (UNOFFICIAL)

On this, the 288th episode of our podcast, we wrap up 2014 by looking back at at the top moments and stories for the Chicago Cubs in the calendar year.

There were many moments and stories we left out and we’d like to hear what you feel are the most important of 2014. Listen to this episode to hear us discuss the following topics:

Wrigley Field’s 100th Birthday
Jorge Soler
Jake Arrieta

Addison Russell
Javier Baez
Anthony Rizzo

Kris Bryant
Joe Maddon
Jon Lester

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Welcome to the 287th episode of The Ivy Envy Podcast. The Cubs made several moves this week and we run through them. The most notable of these would be the signing of former Cardinals closer, Jason Motte. The Cubs also signed a back-up catcher that will probably serve as Jon Lester's personal catcher, David Ross.

We announce the winner of the 2015 Cubs Convention passes and read the winning entry. It was very difficult decision and we were blown away by the number and quality of entries.

There are several listener questions to answer, and we try to do just that. Andy wraps up by reading an internet muscle flex.

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On this, the 286th episode of The Ivy Envy Podcast, we spend a good amount of time talking about the changes in the television broadcast of Cubs games that will start with the 2015 season. A lot of Cubs fans have some confusion about these changes. We attempt to explain why these changes are happening and simply, how will we watch the Cubs next year.

There are quite a few players from the Cubs system that are playing in the winter leagues. Andy runs through some of the more notable names and then we discuss the purpose of their involvement in the leagues and what we'd like to see as far as development goes from these players.

We talk about the changes in the Wrigley renovations. One of the seven signs has been removed from the plans and there have been adjustments to other signs. The reason for these changes is to preserve federal tax credits through a National Register of Historic Places designation through the National Park Services.

We answer several listener questions and read some internet muscle flexes.

Thanks to Danny Rockett for letting us play "Lesterday" at the end of the episode.

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Welcome to the 285th episode of The Ivy Envy Podcast. Holy cow, the Cubs gave us a ton to talk about this week. First off…Jon Lester! The Cubs were able to sign the free agent to the largest contract in organization history. We talk about Lester and what his signing means for this off-season and the 2015 season. What it boils down to is that the Cubs are now interesting at the major league level.

The Cubs also signed Jason Hammel, after trading him to A’s with Jeff Samardzija in July. The Cubs and Hammel must have liked what they saw in each other as they worked out a 2-year deal.

The Cubs added an All-Star catcher in Miguel Montero. After missing out on Russell Martin, they went out and got the catcher that is arguably the best pitch framer in baseball. What does this mean for Welington Castillo? And how bad is he, really?

Kurt runs through the players whose contracts were tendered and non-tendered by the Cubs. Corey reads some internet muscle flexes that left Andy and Kurt speechless.

We have two Cubs Convention passes to give away, courtesy of the Chicago Cubs. For a chance to win these two convention passes, email corey@ivyenvy.com with your answer to this question – Who would you bring with you to Cubs Convention and why?

We didn’t have time to read the captions for this week’s caption contest. You can click on the image below and tell us which caption you liked most.

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On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to participate in the first ever Cubs Bloggers Forum with Crane Kenney. On this week’s episode, we talk about the event. We start off by commenting on the fact the Cubs held this event. The media landscape is changing and the Cubs fully understand the role bloggers, podcasters and other “alternative media” people fill. The beat reporters often inform us of news, but the conversation continues with us.

Photo Nov 25, 2 06 47 PM

There were several business-related topics covered in the 70 minutes we had with Crane Kenney. On this episode of the podcast, we cover many of these topics. The Cubs told us that it’s likely the bleacher renovations will not be completed for Opening Day (Night). There are a few reasons for this and we discuss those reasons. We talk about the triangle lot and how it will be used. Rooftops were discussed, from the last deal Kenney made with the rooftops to the Ricketts family potentially buying rooftops.

Media Rights were brought up. We talk about what may happen with the games that would have been (and still might be) broadcast on WGN America. We also share some encouraging news about streaming MLB content and the frustrating blackouts. We also share what Kenney described are three potiential options for the Cubs and media rights after 2020.

Kenny also addressed the idea of the Ricketts family being cheap and not spending money with the Cubs. He also shared his opinion of Theo, Jed and the rest of the baseball side of the front office.

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