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Thanks for listening to the 304th episode of The Ivy Envy Podcast. Opening Night is just one week away. Cubs fans are more than ready for the 2015 season, but unfortunately Wrigley Field is not.

On this week’s episode, we talk with Pat Nagle, who is one of the co-hosts of The Wrigleyville Nation Podcast. Pat is a Wrigleyville resident and describes what Wrigley Field and the neighborhood looks like a week before Opening Night. Pat also talks about what your Wrigley experience may be like if you plan to attend a Cubs game this season.

This is an interesting conversation because not only is Pat a Wrigleyville resident, but also a season-ticket holder and he has a strong grasp of neighborhood politics and the relationship between the Cubs and the neighborhood.

As Spring Training wraps up, there isn’t much up in the air as far as roster spots go, but two players and assignments that are very much in the general baseball discussion. Where will Javier Baez and Kris Bryant start 2015. Kris Bryant’s assignment seems very clear and although Baez has not played particularly well in Spring Training, it looks like he will most likely start with the Cubs.

Edwin Jackson is lost on and off the field. That’s about all that needs to be said about him.

If you are in the area and would like to watch the Cubs/Cardinals Opening Night game with us at Duffy’s in Galesburg, here is the Facebook event with the information.

Last week, we talked about the meet-up we will be doing at an Iowa Cubs game. We have changed the date to June 6th. We will be sharing more information on this event and other events this 2015 season over the next few weeks.

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Thanks for downloading this week’s episode of The Ivy Envy Podcast. We return from Spring Training and share what we saw during the six games in five games and at the backfields.

We start things off by discussing the topic all Cubs fans are talking about right now, Kris Bryant. We look at the comments others have made about the situation, from Scott Boras to Theo Epstein to the media to Bryant, himself. There are a lot of angles to look at, but our opinions haven’t changed and all signs point to the Cubs starting Kris Bryant 2015 in Iowa.

We spend most of this episode talking about things we saw at Spring Training. Between the regular games, the B-game, the backfields and spending a game in the broadcast booth, producing the Cubs.com broadcast with Mick Gillispie and Len Kasper, we have a lot to talk about.

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On Wednesday, we were invited to serve as audio engineers for the Cubs broadcast with Mick Gillispie and Len Kasper. It was an incredible experience and we will talk about it on the next episode of The Ivy Envy Podcast.

After the braodcast was finished, we had the opportunity to interview Mick Gillispie. In addition to being one of the Spring Training voices of Cubs baseball, he’s also the broadcaster for the Cubs Double-A affiliate, the Tennessee Smokies.

We think you will enjoy this opportunity to get to know Mick a little better. Give him a follow on Twitter – @BroadcasterMick and listen to Mick broadcast the Smokies game on the MiLB mobile app, the TuneIn app or on MiLB.tv.

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On Tuesday, we had the opportunity to talk with the public address announcer for Cubs home Spring Training games, Tim Sheridan.

We have had Tim on the podcast several times and he’s one of our favorite people to interview for Ivy Envy.

We met Tim and his wife after Tuesday’s Cubs at a Sloan Park-area establishment for this conversation.

Tim talks about his personal public addressing style, the benefits of the new Spring Training facility on the organization and he shares some thoughts on Cubs players and the 2015 team.

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Welcome to the 300th episode of The Ivy Envy Podcast. After 26 non-stop hours in a Toyota Corolla, Corey and Andy have arrived in Arizona for the Cubs Spring Training.

This is the first time we have been to Sloan Park and we talk about our impressions of the facility and what we saw both on the back fields and in the Spring Training game vs. the Reds today.

In the off-seasons, we try to implement changes and new things with IvyEnvy.com and The Ivy Envy Podcast. We have three items to share with you on the this episode.

We will be at Spring Training through Thursday evening. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for updates, photos and videos.

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Welcome to the 299th episode of The Ivy Envy Podcast...that is the PODCAST AWARDS FINALIST, Ivy Envy Podcast. That's right, all of you that nominated us in the Podcast Awards landed us in the finals.

We are up against some pretty tough competition: Dan Patrick, Matthew Berry of ESPN, Chris Jericho and Steve Austin. Voting is now underway and you can vote at PodcastAwards.com. You can vote once a day until May 24th. The Podcast Awards ceremony is in Las Vegas in April.

We have on-the-field baseball to talk about for the first time in months. On this episode, we talk about some of the individual performances that have caught our attention since Spring Training games started on Thursday.

We have some news for those listeners in our hometown Quad Cities. WQAD Channel 8 will be broadcasting 45 games (the WGN-9 broadcasts) on MyTV 8.3.

We also spend a chunk of this episode spelling out what you will get from us next week, from Spring Training. Episode #300, the Spring Training meet-up, Meerkat and more. It will be a good week in Arizona. Be sure to follow us on Twitter - @IvyEnvy as we will funnel everything through there at Spring Training.

If you'd like to support this podcast, you can do so by pledging on our Patreon campaign.

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Welcome to the 7th season of The Ivy Envy Podcast. While we were excited about the Cubs in 2009, it’s been a dry spell since and I think we’re heading into the most interesting Cubs season since we started the podcast.

This is the 298th episode of The Ivy Envy Podcast. We’ll be recording #300 in two weeks when Andy and I are in Arizona for Spring Training. We’ll be there March 14-20, with our official meet-up on Thursday the 19th for the Cubs @ Diamondbacks game. If you would like to attend the meet-up, email corey@ivyenvy.com for information. We suggest purchasing the general admission lawn seats.

On this week’s episode, we are previewing the 2015 Cubs Spring Training. We cover a lot of topics as we each share the top three storylines that most interest us.


  • Kris Bryant
  • Back end of the starting rotation
  • Trades


  • Joe Maddon and Coaching Staff
  • Addison Russell
  • Dexter Fowler


  • 2ndbase situation
  • Edwin Jackson
  • Injuries

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