Ivy Envy - Chicago Cubs Fan Podcast (UNOFFICIAL)

As we continue preparing for the playoffs, we use this episode to enjoy the big lead the Cubs have built up and the pretty meaningless games they are playing. We talk about the state of our nerves heading into the post-season. The Cubs have passed the 100-win mark and we talk about the historical significance of that accomplishment. Theo Epstein has signed a 5-year extension, and we discuss that. Then we dive into listener questions, which take us all over the place. This is a pretty loose episode and enjoy it because things are going to get tense in the next week!

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Thanks for downloading this episode of The Ivy Envy Podcast. Friend of the podcast, Katie Day has released a new song for the 2016 Cubs Post-Season. On this episode, we bring Katie on the podcast to talk about the pressure of following up “By the Lakeside” and creating a completely different sounding song in “We Got the Fire”. We think you’ll really enjoy this conversation.

We also continue to look at the playoff rosters and talk about some of the players we thought wouldn’t make the roster, but now it appears that they have a good chance. One example is Miguel Montero, who helped Jake Arrieta get back to form on Friday.

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This episode of the podcast was recorded in front of a live audience at the Market Grille in the Hy-Vee on John Deere Road in Moline. This was our first live recording like this in 6 or 7 years and we had a lot of fun doing it.

In the episode, we talk about playoff home field advantage, potential match-ups for the NLDS, and what would happen if there was a 3-way tie for the NL Wild Card? Well, one thing we know…advantage Cubs.

We answer several listener questions and share a handful of internet muscle flexes.

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The Cubs have officially clinched the NL Central AND on Monday morning, we will get our 1-millionth download!

On this episode, we talk about the historical significance of the Cubs winning the division crown. We also look ahead to the last two weeks of the regular season and talk about how we will begin to prepare ourselves for the 2016 MLB Post-season. Andy looks at the health of the team, primarily Pedro Strop and Jorge Soler.

Then we invite Lauren (@BlondeWonk) to talk about Game Day Feels. Be sure to use the promo code IVY to be entered into a drawing for a 19″ bracelet.

If you want an Ivy Envy shirt for the Cubs post-season games, use the coupon code MILLION athttp://ivyenvy.com/store

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What a great time to be a Cubs fan. The Cubs just beat the Cardinals in a series in St. Louis. It’s the 14th of September and the Cubs are about to lock up the NL Central. The future is bright and we’re having a blast.

In this episode, we talk about Kyle Hendricks and his near no-no. This leads to a discussion about Joe West and how, because of his actions, he is bad for baseball. We get you caught up on the news in the last week of Cubs baseball. Jason McLeod may be on his way out of the organization, Javy is the emergency catcher if the Cubs carry 2 catchers in the playoffs. Andy addresses the claim that Kris Bryant is not “clutch”.

There’s lots to discuss in this episode and we think you’ll enjoy it.

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We focus on the minor league teams and prospects in this episode.  With the MiLB regular season completed, we check in on the teams in the Cubs system, from Eugene up to Iowa.  We also go through the Baseball America Top 10 Prospect list from before the season started and look at how the prospects did, which are no longer in the Cubs organization, and which made an impact on the major league team this season.  

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Thanks for downloading this episode of The Ivy Envy Podcast. We recorded this episode during the Cubs series finale with the Brewers in Milwaukee, but didn’t spend a ton of time on the series, outside of some Hammel and Hendricks talk.

We check in on the magic number and start thinking playoffs. One reason to start thinking about the playoffs is the Cubs’ post-season lottery, which has opened up.

We end the episode with some Internet Muscle Flexes.

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Thanks for downloading this episode of The Ivy Envy Podcast. On this episode, we check in on the Cubs post-season status as they continue marching to the playoffs.

Kyle Hendricks and Kris Bryant earn NL monthly awards in August and we look at their performances. We commend the bullpen on their incredible pitching in this last series with the Giants. We answer some listener questions, Kurt shares a Scary Stat of the Week, and we’ve got some pretty strong Internet Muscle Flexes to share.

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Thanks for downloading the 428th episode of The Ivy Envy Podcast, which happens to be our 50th episode of this 2016 season. We record this episode before Wednesday night’s Pirates game. We talk about the extra-innings win on Monday and the fact we never feel like this team is out of it. Jason Heyward is hitting .310 in the last 7 days, which is a pretty significant improvement.

We also talk about Kyle Hendricks and the Greg Maddux comparisons. Corey shares his Arizona Summer League experience and met the daughter of the last Cubs player to score in a World Series game.

Of course, we have to spend some time talking about Javy and break down his quick tags. Andy shares what is potentially the last Rube story.

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