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The slow off-season continues for the Cubs.  On this episode, we start things off by sharing some more thoughts on the Addison Russell situation and explain where we are as fans and podcasters of a team that continues to employ Addison Russell.  

We also go through a few recent Cubs acquisitions and talk about a division that seems to be improving around the Cubs. 

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Thanks for downloading this episode of The Ivy Envy Podcast.  We have a number of Cubs topics to discuss on this episode.

  • In tragic news, former Cub Luis Valbuena was killed in Venezuela. 
  • There is a new offensive metric, DRC+.  We talk about the stat, and what it tells us about the 2018 Cubs.  
  • This week, we learned that Yu Darvish should be good to go for Spring Training.
  • Unfortunately, it looks like Brandon Morrow will likely not be ready for Spring Training. 
  • Fangraphs released a list of Cubs top prospects, and we look at the overall list and who could impact the Cubs in the near future.
  • The Cubs coaching staff is in place.
  • Other teams are getting better, and we're a little confused about the tight purse-strings. 

If you'd like to read more about DRC+, check out these two articles:

Why DRC+?

What is DRC+?


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On this episode of the podcast, we talk about the moves the Cubs have made in the last few weeks, including tendering Addison Russell a contract.  

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