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Thanks for downloading this, the 600th episode of The Ivy Envy Podcast.  Michael from Galesburg (and the Cultivating Catuli podcast) joins us to review the predictions we made on the 2018 Chicago Cubs.  

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Spring training games have started and we have on-the-field baseball to talk about!  

  • Kurt shares a small sample Kris Bryant stat in his Scary Stat of the Week segment.
  • We share some of our observations from the first Spring Training game of the year for the Cubs. 
  • Ben Zobrist has reported to Spring Training
  • Joe Maddon doesn't feel that Willson Contreras was physically tired late in 2018.  We're not so sure we agree with that and discuss Contreras' importance to the team's success in 2019.
  • ZiPS is a little kinder to the Cubs than PECOTA.



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Thanks for downloading the first episode of our 11th season of podcasting on the Cubs.  All of the players have reported to Spring Training in Mesa, and we cover a lot in this episode. 

  • Kurt's Scary Stat looks closer at the PECOTA projections for Cubs starting pitchers.  
  • The Cubs tv deal is official, and as everyone expected, the broadcast partner is Sinclair. 
  • Addison Russell held his first press conference since being suspended for violating MLB's domestic violence policy.  We share our thoughts on his statements. 
  • Joe Maddon spoke with the media a few times.  He made some more comments on Russell, revealed the slogan for the 2019 Cubs, and talked about the offense and coaching strategy. 
  • Theo and Jed also addressed the media.  Theo talked about Russell, how the Cubs are handling domestic violence issues as an organization, and the Joe Ricketts emails.  
  • We take a look at the health of the club heading into Spring Training. 
  • The Cubs have a new bullpen pitcher in Xavier Cedeno, and we talk about what impact that could have on Tyler Chatwood. 

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Thanks for downloading our 597th episode.  This week we discuss:

  • The proposed and discussed MLB rule changes:  Pitch-clock, 3-batter minimum, trade deadline date change, win-loss record impacting draft, Injured List, and DH in the National League.
  • PECOTA does NOT like the Cubs in 2019.  The projection system puts them 1 loss from last place in the division.
  • Spring Training storylines.
  • Bryce Harper update.

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On this episode, we share more of our thoughts on this off-season, and we talk about three bullpen pitchers.  

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