Ivy Envy - Chicago Cubs Fan Podcast (UNOFFICIAL)

On this episode, we talk about the Cubs weekend series vs. the Reds.  The Cubs took 3 of 4, and the starting pitching turned in some great performances.  We also look ahead to the two-game series vs. the Indians at Wrigley this week.  

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On this episode, we share few thoughts on the Cubs/Braves series and some of the recent issues with Major League Baseball.  Then, we look at the Cubs starting pitching.  Do the starters suck, like many think?  We take a step back, look at the numbers, and then look at what the remaining 3/4 of the season could have in store for the pitchers.  

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On this episode, we talk about some of the recent extraordinary Cubs offensive performances.  We also preview the upcoming 4-game set vs. the Braves.

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On this episode, we talk about the Cubs sweep of the Marlins and preview the upcoming series vs. the White Sox.  

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Well, the Cubs went to St. Louis and were swept by the Cardinals. This was a series that the Cubs could have pretty easily taken or swept, and it's the Cardinals...so this one stung.  We share some of our frustrations with the team, and try to get the sour taste out of our mouths by talking about the upcoming series against the Marlins.

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Despite an ineffective offense, the Chicago Cubs managed to go 5-2 on their homestand, facing the Brewers and the Rockies.  The lack of offense caught up with the Cubs, though.  They lost the last two games in the Rockies series.  

In this episode, we talk about the Rockies series and how the offense is playing.  We also look ahead to this weekend's series in St. Louis vs. the Cardinals.  


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The Brewers came to Wrigley on an 8-game winning streak, and the Cubs brushed them aside with a 4-game sweep.  On this episode, we share our thoughts on the series and the Brewers squad.  The Cubs starting pitching had four tremendous starts in the series, and we detail those.  We also discuss the Addison Russell/Manny Machado trade rumor and talk about Russell's performance and development.  Next, the Rockies come to Chicago and we preview that series.  

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The Cubs split their 2-game "series" in Cleveland.  This episode was recorded during the 2nd game.  We talk about some encouraging (and downright exciting) things we've seen from the Cubs offense. We also talk about a few players that continue to struggle, although the results are sometimes there.  

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The Cubs spent the weekend in Denver and took two of three from the Rockies.  We recap that series and talk about some individual performances.  After an off-day on Monday, the Cubs will head to Cleveland for a quick two-game series with the Indians, and we preview those games.  

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On this episode, we talk about the two games the Cubs and Cardinals were able to get in this week.  We also preview the upcoming series vs. the Rockies in Denver.

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