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On this, the 528th episode of The Ivy Envy Podcast, we talk about Otani coming to MLB and the Cubs chances of acquiring him.  We also go through all of the 2017 Cubs that are now free agents and share our thoughts on those players returning to the Cubs. 

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It was a pretty quiet week for the Cubs, so we decided to take the week off, but instead of leaving you empty handed, we are giving you a preview of Cultivating Catuli. 

Cultivating Catuli is a Chicago Cubs history podcast, hosted by Corey, Kurt, and Michael from Galesburg.  

You can subscribe to Cultivating Catuli in any of the podcast apps.  

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Thanks for downloading this, the 526th episode of The Ivy Envy Podcast.  On this episode, we discuss all of the recent coaching changes the Cubs have made since their season ended. 

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The Cubs were knocked out of the postseason by the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 2017 NLCS.  We share some thoughts on the series and the postseason as a whole in this episode. 

Now that the off-season has begun, we will go back to one episode per week, with and off-week here and there.  Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your routine this season.  Stay subscribed for all of the offseason Cubs news and moves.

Go Cubs!

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The Cubs got off to a rocky start in the NLCS series vs. the Dodgers in Los Angeles.  They dropped the first two games, and the events have provided Cubs fans with a lot to be frustrated with.  On this episode, we share some of our thoughts on these two games and we preview Game #3, which is in Chicago on Tuesday night. 

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After beating the Nationals in the NLDS, the Cubs head to Los Angeles to face the Dodgers in the NLCS.  The series starts Saturday night in a Game #1 match-up vs. Clayton Kershaw.  On this episode, we preview Game #1 and share our predictions for the game and the series. 

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The Cubs advanced to the NLCS after one of the most stressful and baffling games we've witnessed.  We share some thoughts on Game #5.  Look for an NLCS Game #1 preview episode on Friday.  

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This episode was recorded shortly after the Cubs dropped Game #4 to the Nationals.  The two teams head to Washington DC for the deciding Game #5.  Listen for our thoughts on Game #4 and our predictions for Game #5. 

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During the recording of this episode, we had a cable go bad. We apologize for the static at different points of the episode. We were not able to hear the static.  

In this episode, we recap Games #1 and #2.  The Cubs split the two games with the Nationals and now have home-field advantage as they need to win two of the next three games, and two of those games are at Wrigley Field.  

We talk about some of the things that stood out in the first two games and preview the next two.  

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The NLDS series between the Cubs and Nationals starts Friday night and on this episode, we preview the series and Game #1.  We look at some general series stuff like the roster and pitching rotation, and then we dig into Game #1.  We look at the Cubs vs. Strasburg and the Nationals vs. Kyle Hendricks.  

We make some series and Game #1 predictions and finish the show off with a couple of Internet Muscle Flexes.

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