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We recorded this episode less than 24 hours before the non-tender trade deadline.  On this episode, we talk about the addition of Cole Hamels and spend a lot of time talking about the pitching.  

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This episode was recorded live at Raccoon Motel in Davenport, Iowa.  Most likely, all Cubs teams for the rest of our lives will be compared to the 2016 Cubs.  So on this episode, we compare the 2018 Cubs to the 2016 Cubs.  We go over several similarities and differences between the two versions of the Cubs.  

Then, we answer a few listener questions.  We end the episode by inviting Katie Day to the stage, and we have a conversation about her music, both the Cubs-centered songs, and the songs that have nothing to do with (but may be influenced by) the Chicago Cubs.

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The Cubs took 3 games of this 5-game series with the Cardinals, and we share some thoughts on the series.  We talk about the successful John Baker Day event and talk about the moves we think the Cubs should make at the trade deadline.  We also preview the upcoming series with the Diamondbacks.  

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The Cubs will enter the All-Star Break in first place in the NL Central.  While the Brewers flounder, the Cubs take care of business in San Diego and take over the lead. 

This episode was recorded Sunday morning, before the final game of the series with the Padres.  We talk about the series events so far, which of course includes Javier Baez doing Javy things.  

Then, we shift our focus to the second half of the season and discuss some keys to the Cubs success in the second half.  

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It was a great week for the Cubs.  They went 8-1 in their last 9 games, and we talk about a few things that are going right with the team.  

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The Cubs are riding a 4-game winning streak as they prepare to take on the Tigers at Wrigley this week. On this episode, we talk about the weekend sweep of the (then) 2nd place AL Central Twins and the 2-game set against the (now) 2nd place AL Central Tigers. 

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